We usually advise our kiliclimbers to take a day with the Chagga before climbing the mountain. Our climbers who stay in the Chagga village at least one day before their Kilimanjaro climb have a remarkably better and healthier experience on “Kili.”


A day with the Chagga of Tanzania

Start your trip at the Chagga cave where the Chagga would lay in wait after the Maasai attacked their villages. Then we go on to the traditional blacksmith’s where you will see the men working making tools as they have done for centuries, pushing the bellows with their feet.

Then onto a banana beer “bar” –the beer is fermented in barrels and there is no shortage of drinkers passing around the beer outside the hut. Those wishing to visit Marangu Primary school will be welcome. After lunch you can visit the outdoor Chagga Museum, where you will see traditional Chagga huts, tools and artefacts, and walk to the nearby waterfalls.